Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Librarian Exchange and Librarians Without Borders

Two new Initiatives for strengthening International Librarianship

www.LibrarianExchange.NET is an international service for librarians, professors and administrators. Networking is provided to help bring about temporary exchanges of homes and positions. Could be within the same country or with other countries. There are currently particpants from over 30 countries. Registration is free if you sign up before 15 September 2006. Visit www.LibrarianExchange.NET to submit your registration at your early convenience.

Librarians Without Borders, an organization that was born in February 2005 by a group of socially-minded librarians who wanted to address the vast information resource inequity existing between different regions of the world. Our vision is to build sustainable libraries and support their custodians and advocates -- librarians. Visit

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