Saturday, October 03, 2009

Congrats to IFLA-OCLC Fellows Class - 2010

As an IFLA-OCLC Fellow of 2002 Class, let me congratulate the following Fellows of 2010 Class.

Miss Sasekea Harris, Librarian, University of the West Indies, St. Andrew, Jamaica
Mr. Mahmoud Khalifa, Cataloger Librarian, Library of Congress, Cairo Office, Cairo, Egypt
Mr. Elchin Mammadov, Senior Information Specialist, Baku American Center, Baku, Azerbaijan
Ms. Catherine Muriuki, University Librarian, Pan Africa Christian University, Nairobi, Kenya
Miss Sidra Shan, Assistant Librarian, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan
Miss Shao Yan, Group Leader, National Library of China, Beijing, China

Applications are invited for 2011 Fellowship....Apply here

Here is the Photo of IFLA-OCLC Fellows Class -2002

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

International Conference on Academic Libraries (ICAL-2009)

The International Conference on Academic Libraries (ICAL-2009) is being organized by Delhi University Library System from 5th to 8th October, 2009. The scope of the conference will be: knowledge sharing, ICT management, digital repository management, e-teaching, e-tutorials, stronger library-faculty relationships, and user centric services. The conference will provide an opportunities to identify the strengths and gaps in the academic library system, and to suggest new management models, mechanisms, policies, and national and international programmes for reshaping academic libraries into next generation libraries for the higher education. More details

Thursday, January 29, 2009

‡ (Open Access in Cataloguing - OPAC 2.0)

LibLime [the leader in Open Source Library Solutions] announced the launch of ‡–a free browser-based cataloging service with a data store containing over thirty-million records. Records are licensed under the Open Data Commons, making the service the world’s largest repository of freely-licensed library records.

‡ (pronounced ‘biblios dot net’) features an intuitive metadata editor complete with templates, macros, authority auto-completion and embedded context-sensitive help. The central record repository contains 25-million bibliographic records and just under eight-million authority records. The data is maintained by ‡ users similar to the model used by Wikipedia. Catalogers can use and contribute to the database without restrictions because records in ‡ are freely-licensed under the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and License (

‡ also includes a built-in federated search system allowing catalogers to find records from any Z39.50 target. A central Search Target Registry, seeded with over 2,000 Z39.50 servers, makes it easy for catalogers to find, create and share Z39.50 targets.

Read the press release and liste to the Podcast of Josh Ferraro (the CEO of LibLime)

So, time arrived for "Open Access Cataloguing"? Would the arrival of this Open Data Movement be a real challenge to WorldCat and GoogleBookSearch?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ranking Web of World Repositories

Ranking Web of World Repositories just published the latest ranking of January 2009. Check the top 300 World repositories and top 300 Institutional repositories

Among World repositories, IISc from India stands 39th and ISI stands 105th. The leading International Repository in Library and Information Science and Technology called "E-LIS" 19th in the ranking.

Among Institutional repositories from India, IISc repository stands 28th and ISI repository stands 89th.


Using as basis the data from the Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR) and The Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpendOAR) the list of repositories is compuled accroding to certain conditions. See more details here about the methodilogy used.

Monday, January 26, 2009

International Journal of Web Applications

International Journal of Web Applications, a peer reviewed journal from DIRF is expected to launch its first issue on March 2009.

The journals website syas;

In the last few years there is a growing demand for different web applications. As the demand for applications increase, research is now focused on many directions, to leverage new architectures, improve scalability, developing new frameworks, introducing new development platforms, building multi-tier applications, enhance scripting languages, improving filters, introducing security platforms and so on.

In the web applications we experience many generations. While the first level generation was primitive with little scope and features, the subsequent generations look at improving technology, functions and features in the web world.

Realizing the need to document the current research in the Web applications, this international journal has been initiated. The “International Journal of Web Applications” (IJWA) intents to be a high quality referred journal. The IJWA invites original contributions in the areas listed below. The IJWA publishes research papers, technical reports, book reviews and notifications. Each submission undergoes extensive review.

Visit International Journal of Web Applications

GreyNet Goes Green !

GreyNet's Archive migrates to OpenSIGLE Repository
For the past 15 years, GreyNet has sought to serve researchers and authors in the field of grey literature. To further this end, GreyNet has signed on to the OpenSIGLE Repository and in so doing seeks to preserve and make openly available research results originating in the International Conference Series on Grey Literature. GreyNet together with colleagues at INIST-CNRS have designed the format for a metadata record, which encompasses standardized PDF attachments of the full-text conference preprints, PowerPoint presentations, abstracts and biographical notes. More details here